Satisfaction of judgment will not cause the public record to be deleted

Dear Experian,

I have two public records that appear on my credit report that I have paid off. Would submitting a satisfaction of judgment to the credit bureaus take those off of my record?



Dear JKI,

Submitting documents showing the judgments have been satisfied will not cause them to be deleted from your credit history. Instead, the status of the judgments will be updated to show they are satisfied.

The term “satisfied” means the debt owed to the court has been paid. It is important that your credit report show the status of the judgments accurately. Experian can update that status with proper documentation, if the courts have not already updated them.

Get a copy of your personal credit report. You will be able to tell immediately if the status of the judgments is correct. If not, the report will include instructions to contact Experian for assistance.

The judgments will remain on your report seven years from the filing date. They will have less impact on lending decisions as time passes. Satisfying them will help reduce the negative impact even further.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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