Replacing lost PIN to thaw frozen credit file

Dear Experian,

I placed security freeze on my account and have misplaced the pin needed to temporarily remove the freeze. How do I get a replacement PIN?



Dear EGM,

The PIN number you received when you freeze your credit file is necessary for removing the freeze. It is a crucial element in determining that you and not an identity thief is attempting to access your credit file, which is the purpose of the freeze.

If the PIN is lost, you must request that a new PIN be issued. You can find details on how to do so by visiting the Security Freeze section of Experian’s Internet site. Click on “Request a personal identification number reminder” to initiate the process of recovering or obtaining a new PIN.

It may be necessary to provide documentation in order to verify your identity before a new PIN can be issued. If so, you will receive instructions regarding the kinds of documentation required and where to send them.

Experian’s freeze services and PIN administration may not be the same as those offered by other credit reporting companies, so be sure to check directly with them about their policies.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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