Son’s SSN may have been used to commit credit fraud

Dear Experian,

I’m a little concerned that someone may have used my son’s Social Security number to obtain credit. How can I find out for sure?



Dear EAC,

It would be possible for someone to use your son’s Social Security number, but none of his other identifying information. As long as the credit reports remain separate and distinct, this would not affect your son.

I’m assuming your son is a minor. If so, you can request a credit report on his behalf to see if someone used enough of his identifying information to cause a credit report to be created under that ID.

You will need to request the report in writing. Along with the request you must provide copies of documentation verifying that you are his parent or legal guardian.

Experian’s online fraud assistance centerincludes instructions to request a minor’s credit report. Simply click on “Minor child instructions” at the top of the page for specific details on how to request the report and a form to submit.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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