Defining “revolving trade” and other credit report terms

Dear Experian,

What is an open, revolving trade?



Dear JUS,

The term “open, revolving trade” is simply industry terminology for an open credit card account.

You can carry the account balance on a credit card from one month to the next, or “revolve” the balance. “Trade” is simply another word used for “account.”

There are several types of trades that can be included in a credit report in addition to revolving accounts.

Installment accounts are debts that require a set payment on a specific date each month. Car loans are common example.

Charge accounts are similar to revolving accounts, but you cannot revolve the balance. You must pay in full for everything you charged that month.

Collection accounts are accounts for debts you did not pay. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to see these on your credit report.

You will see these listed on your personal credit report under the heading “Type.”

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