Sample Credit Report

Experian collects and organizes information about you and your credit history from public records, your creditors and other reliable sources. Experian makes your credit history available to your current and prospective creditors, employers and others as allowed by law, which can expedite your ability to obtain credit and can make offers of credit available to you. We do not grant or deny credit; each credit grantor makes that decision based on its own guidelines.

This type of credit report, which is also called a credit file disclosure does not include a credit score.

Report Number

The report number can be used to view your report again.

Potentially Negative Items

Items that creditors may view less favorably. It includes the creditor's name and address, your account number (shortened for security), account status, type and terms of the account and any other information reported to Experian by the creditor. Also includes any bankruptcy, lien and judgment information obtained directly from the courts.


Indicates the current status of the account.

Accounts in Good Standing

Lists accounts that have a positive status and may be viewed favorably by creditors. Some creditors do not report to us, so some of your accounts may not be listed.


Account type indicates whether your account is a revolving or an installment account.

Requests for Your Credit History

Also called "inquiries," requests for your credit history are logged on your report whenever anyone reviews your credit information. There are two types of inquiries.

i. Inquiries resulting from a transaction initiated by you. These include inquiries from your applications for credit, insurance, housing or other loans. They also include transfer of an account to a collection agency. Creditors may view these items when evaluating your creditworthiness.

ii. Inquiries resulting from transactions you may not have initiated but that are allowed under the FCRA. These include preapproved offers, as well as for employment, investment review, account monitoring by existing creditors, leases, power purchase agreements (PPA's), and requests by you for your own report. These items are shown only to you and have no impact on your creditworthiness or risk scores.

Personal Information

Information associated with your history reported to Experian by you, your creditors and other sources. May include name and Social Security number variations, employers, telephone numbers, etc. Experian lists all variations so you know what is being reported to us as belonging to you.

Address Information

Your current address and previous address(es).

Personal Statement

Any personal statement that you added to your report appears here. Note: statements remain as part of the report for two years and display to anyone who has permission to review your report.

Credit Guide

I would like to:

If you believe information in your report is inaccurate, you can dispute that item quickly, effectively and cost free by using Experian's online dispute service.

Disputing online is the fastest way to address any concern you may have about the information in your credit report.

To return to your report in the near future, visit View Report Again or our online Disputes and then enter your report number. You can also find out how to obtain your Free Annual Credit Report.

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